Plan Price Per Month
1 month $11.99 -
1 year $47.88 $3.99
2 years $71.76 $2.99
AdGuard VPN is an expected continuation of the principles we’ve integrated into AdGuard. We started with ad blocking 10 years ago and quickly became experts in online privacy. For a few years, we've been considering developing our own VPN. Are you asking, "Why create another VPN when there are so many offerings out there?" You are right, our VPN isn't one of many. We offer you a VPN that guarantees uncompromised privacy protection and traffic security. Rule Number One in our company is this: we'll never abuse or sell user data.
  • AdGuard vs
  • Free edition
  • Paid edition
  • 10 devices per licence
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Company Location Cyprus
  • 50+ locations in 44 countries